»It was a real pleasure to meet you in Santiago. Your sessions were absolutely incredible, both interesting, funny, energetic and interactive, a combination which is very hard to come by.«

Sophie Dazin, Proram Manager, Seminarium Internacional.

»Best rated speaker at Manager Meeting Europe 2010«

evoworkx live.
»Jonas brought new insights to the issues facing businesses and challenged the participants to think outside the box. The interactions were very useful and will help us to look at challenges facing us differently.«
Kris Gopalakrishnan, CEO and Managing Director, Infosys Technologies Ltd.
»Dr. Jonas Ridderstråle was an outstanding addition to our Leadership Workshop. His ability to engage and simultaneously entertain around complex topics was exceptional, as was his ability to tie his points back to our organisation and strategy. His quick wit and appealing style kept the global audience captivated from beginning to end – a  truly an inspirational speaker.«
Kerrie Lavey, Vice President Corporate Communications, Amcor Ltd
»Jonas held a brilliant and inspirational speech that challenged our current thinking as a leader in our industry. His energetic messages were a good starting point for vivid discussions among the participants.«
Pepyn Dinandt, CEO Monier Group  
»Mr. Ridderstrale has become the antidote to the graph-wielding business academics on the lecture circuit.«
Richard Donkin, The Financial Times

»Swedish academics Jonas Ridderstrale and Kjell A Nordstroem are something of a phenomenon in Europe.«

Fast Company

»Jonas has made an enormous impact on all of the executives he has met in Sony Europe. He has opened our eyes to new ways of looking at the world and how we need to adapt to face the future. He is innovative, challenging and entertaining in his approach and engages with people at all levels. He will make a significant difference to the way you view the future.«

Roy White, VP of HR Sony Europe
»You were fantastic in Copenhagen.«
Mats Jansson, CEO, Scandinavian Airline Systems
»Thank you for contributing in such a remarkable way to the success of Ascent 2009. The Business Leadership Forum is a platform that thrives on original and stimulating ideas. Your keynote not only delivered amply on that score, but managed to connect with our audience on a personal level and leave behind many fruitful lines of discussion.«
Maria Reinisch, Vice President Marketing Communication, Siemens IT Solutions and Services
»Jonas was brilliant! All feedback from the participants was extremely positive. In fact, he scored 5/5 on all feed-back forms.«
Louise Mcdonald, Impact Training and Development Group
»Thank you very much for your attendance in our meeting last week. It was a successful presentation and raised a lot of discussion during the rest of the day. I am sure we can put many of your thoughts into use in our business.«
Kari Kauniskangas, CEO Fiskars Oyj Abp

»The response to your presentation was extremely positive! You challenged the crowd to think, and that is exactly what we wanted to achieve. Your energy and intelligence inspired our employees as well.«

Iris Beck, CEO, McCann Israel

»Jonas was outstanding. He received a very long ovation after his talk and many people came to me after the dinner and said that he had been an excellent, thought provoking end to a good day.«

Richard Lewis, CEO and founder, Pecos Group

»It was a pleasure having you – the participants were enjoying your presentation very much!!!!«

Jutta Bamberger, Marketing Manager, MunichRe

»Thank you very much for participating in our Birmingham conference on Friday. The feedback from delegates has been truly exceptional. And not one person has complained about Tom Peters’ absence! Your presentation was topical, thought-provoking and relevant; it was exactly what was required and a revelation for our delegates. It was a pleasure to work with you and I hope very much we will work together again.«

Bob Mackenzie, CEO Benchmark Management Ltd

»Your Helsinki Idea Day Keynote was an awesome combination of world class stand-up comedy and eye opening management guruism (did I invent a new word?). Thanks again!«

Tuula Antola, Innovation Activist, Founder Kaipaus Finland Oy
»The event with Jonas was a success. There is no other description than this one: Simply Excellent!!!«
Ney Diaz, President, Intras